Who is Stereo Clarity?

Stereo Clarity exists to bring true and honest sound quality to anyone that seeks it. It is our goal to offer both the physical products and also the knowledge to assist you in your quest for accurate sound reproduction. Stereo Clarity strives to provide their customers with the best solution for their sonic needs that is within their budget.

Sound is something that is very personal. Audio perception is much like color perception; everyone has their favorite. What sounds good to one person might not sound great to someone else. Stereo Clarity understands this concept and that’s why we are dedicated to offering a solution (not a product) that is tailored to each customer. In addition to our variety of sound setups, we offer advice to help guide you to sound that is to your liking. This is why we also do custom work that is client specific. Tell us your application criteria and we will work with you to design and build your perfect audio solution.

Some of the designs sold on StereoClarity.com are the result of hours of hard work put in byScott Lindgren, Dave Dlugos, and Martin King. These brilliant gentlemen have lead the way in full range enclosure design and have brought it to new heights. More about full range enclosure design can be found on www.Frugal-Horn.com

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