Q: I noticed my product has been packaged in…

  • News paper
  • Cabinet carpet
  • Felt
  • Live Hedgehogs (never again)
  • Etc..

Why is this?

A: Much like the plains indians wasted no part of the buffalo, we at Stereo Clarity try our best to reuse materials and packaging if possible to reduce our carbon footprint. However, it should be noted that no packaging used will ever compromise the safety of our product while in transit to your door.

Q: When will my product ship and how soon will I get it?

A: Like good sushi, our products are assembled only after receiving your order. Lead times will have a direct relationship to the complexity of each product with things like amps and tower speakers taking a bit longer to build. You will be notified by email when your product ships and you’ll receive a tracking number if applicable. Shipping times will depend on the distance traveled, weight of the product, and how much we’ve been feeding the carrier pigeons. You can also email us at any point for an update.