LA-50: Life Size Speakers for Life Size Sound

The LA-50 is a feat in audio engineering. Fifty individual speakers working in unison to provide flat frequency response throughout the entire range of human hearing in a profile only 8″ wide. ┬áThis Stereo Clarity model is designed for the purist who’s not willing to compromise on anything. Incredible depth and clarity with a sound so big you’ll swear you were on stage with the band.

The beauty of a line array configuration is outstanding efficiency with extremely low distortion. Each cabinet’s subwoofer is powered by a 500 watt plate amplifier that includes tuning options like gain and bass attenuation to help you tailor the subwoofer’s output to your specific listening space. The cabinet utilizes internal sound deflectors to minimize sound coloration. These deflectors also effectively brace the cabinet and reduce cabinet resonance. The only thing that reaches your ear is pure and honest sound….period.

  • 96db 1w/1m efficiency
  • 150watts power handling
  • Less than 1% distortion at 120db
  • Integrated 500watt subwoofer amp (in each cabinet)
  • 8ohms impedance will work with all amps
  • Contact us for available finishes/woods.

Priced from $5,500 for stained Maple Ply. Solid walnut (pictured on the right) and other exotic woods available upon request. Please email us for a quote on your specific finish at