The Bassoon


Rich, sweet,  full and articulate. Just like the musical instrument it’s named after, this subwoofer reproduces nothing but beautiful transparent bass. As the ultimate audiophile subwoofer, the bassoon is designed to achieve the most accurate sound possible. Bass has never sounded or looked this good.

This subwoofer blends so well with the midbass that your ears might struggle to locate it in the room. It is able to reproduce string bass plucks with ease and is extremely transient and powerful. Solid 4ga copper is used for wiring internally to give it a bold and clean look. This is a sealed sub. The vent on the rear is a cooling vent for the 500watt amplifier.


Frequency response:  28-180hz

Power: 500watts rms

Line level inputs

Solid 4ga. copper wiring

Price: $775 shipped in the continental USA.

*After purchasing please email us and specify a color and supply a paint code.