True Home Theater in a Box

How much shelf space does your home theater require? With a barrage of DVD, BluRay, receiver, amplifier, and PC boxes littering your shelves you likely have the rats nest of wires accompanying the need to connect all of them. It\\\'s time to reclaim that space and cut the cords. OneSource is the first all in one total media solution.

New Bookshelf Beta Design

We\\\'ve had multiple requests for some smaller bookshelf speakers. Naturally, we spent some time working on getting things exactly the way we wanted. The goal for these was BIG sound from a SMALL cabinet. I\\\'m proud to report that we accomplished that mission.

New 2 Channel Stereo OneSource

The new 2 channel version of the OneSource Amplified Media Server features 3TB of internal storage and a powerful 250watts x2 amplifier. Check it out on the Home Audio Page!


*New* Lexus IS300 Infinite Baffle Setup

Another Stereo Clarity product for you IS300 guys!

The idea with this one was to develop something that would yield great SQ and also be capable of high SPL numbers. So when you’re wanting to get down once in a while you don’t have to worry about whether your sub can keep up! By nature of the install the cone of the speaker is fully protected and since there is no “enclosure” the weight savings are substantial over  a traditional subwoofer system. Did I mention that you’ll have frequency response all the way down to 20hz?

Install is easy and can be done in under an hour.

Order page linked HERE!

The results are in…

Team Stereo Clarity competed at a local DFW sound quality show and took home first place in both the amature and pro categories. This was a double point event which means it’s like winning two competitions. Both cars had not yet refined their installs yet performed flawlessly. Mir’s accord with tweeters only a few days old imaged beautifully with high marks in staging. The Tacoma, with no time alignment or EQ work, still managed a first place finish due to exceptional tonality and uniqueness of install.

As the season progresses we’re hoping to use each competition as a building block to further refine our installs. The Accord will be getting new custom fiberglassed A-pillars (a more permanent home for the tweeters) and the Tacoma will be getting an extreme amount of processing to tidy up frequency response and imaging.

Show Truck Progress

I’ve been delinquent on updates regarding the show truck. The reason for this is because I’m hesitant to post much about it till it’s finished. As the build continues things change a little bit but we’re nearing completion so a FULL update is coming soon. Things are sounding VERY nice so far and this is with no processing at all (no time alignment or EQ and midbass drivers running with no high pass filter).

There is one last piece that the truck needs and it will be complete for the moment. Things are always subject to change if improvements can be made but that’s expected. For now I suppose I can give you a small teaser picture of the progress so far. That’s fair isn’t it?

H-Audio page has moved

In the past, the H-Audio page was located under the car audio tab. However, I’ve decided to move it to the Raw Drivers and Brands tab because I feel it’s a more appropriate area and will be easier to find. So if you’re looking for the wonderful H-Audio products, you can find them there. Oooor, you can click on the logo!

This just in: The Coniston^2

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the slide show on the left side of the site you may have noticed a new build that I’d not yet mentioned before this moment.

*Enter the Coniston^2*

This design was one developed by Dave Dlugos and Scott Lindgren at As with all of their designs, this one was both elegant and functional meaning it was going to sound great and look great doing it! Stereo Clarity was privelaged to be the first to build and test the design and we are VERY happy with the result. The plans for the design can be found on their site if you wish to try your hand at creating your own pair. If you’d like to have a set built for you please email

The Coniston^2 design yields an 8ohm full range tower speaker with authoritative response down to the mid 30′s. Their 8ohm load makes them compliant with the majority of home audio amps so integration into the home shouldn’t be a problem. Truly no need for a sub with these so if a true stereo (two channel) setup is what you’re looking for these are great. If you have a sub and would like to incorporate it too I’d recommend a crossover in the lower 60hz range. These will get plenty loud even off just 10 watts so you don’t need to have a monstrous amp to power them.  These can be used in larger sized rooms with great success. Enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions please send us an email.

Coniston^2 Closeup

Coniston^2 Closeup

Coniston^2 Pair

Coniston^2 Pair

SDX-7 cabinet for the 2+1 system

I’ve wanted to play around with the SDX-7 for quite some time now. I’ve had one of the drivers in storage for a while but had never done anything with it. I had time recently to create a small ported subwoofer using it and a Dayton 2.1 plate amp. The idea was to create a small system that would boast full sound for nearfield listening and smaller rooms. The sub turned out better than I expected with response very full even in the mid 30′s. The SDX-7 right now operates as it’s own unit but has amplified outputs for two satellite speakers. I’m not sure yet which full range drivers I’ll be using to fill this position but I suspect that it will be the CHR-70 or a variation thereof.

For now, enjoy the pictures as we further develop the system!


Truck Progress and Eclipse AVN726e Video Review

Progress on the truck has been slow. The first Pioneer NAV unit that was sent to me was defective and had to be returned. I lost a month in limbo during the return process. I ended up going with the Eclipse AVN726e as the source with all other components being the same. I’ll go into more detail on the progress when everything is finished up.

For now; please enjoy Stereo Clarity’s review of the Eclipse AVN726e!

New Project Car…uhh…TRUCK!

Team Stereo Clarity has taken on its first project car named, “Project Optimus Prime”. This is my personal vehicle and this will be an ongoing project. The vehicle is a new Speedway Blue, 2009 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. This vehicle is all stock and we will be starting our build from the ground up.truck001

Goals for this Vehicle

- True honest sound reproduction

- Well defined sonic “image”

- Stealthy installation

- Retain vehicle usability

- Ability to pound out some fun on command

A successful project requires a proper plan. The first step in any proper sound project is to treat the listening environment. In a vehicle listening environment, one of the largest obstacles to overcome is road noise. Vibration and noise control will be our primary focuses. For these reasons we will use a series of sound deadener products from Don at Sound Deadener Showdown.

The source has yet to be determined but I’ve narrowed it down to a few choice DVD Navigation units. Eventually, the system will incorporate a sound processor. I’m undecided on this as well. The Audison Bit.1 is a fantastic unit and is readily available. The JBL MS8 is also on my short list as well but is not yet available. If this phantom processor ever comes to market it will likely be the processor of choice. Amplification will be done via a JL Audio HD 900/5, the cutting edge in new digital amplification in a conveniently small package. The sub stage was decided from day one; Tang Band 6.5” Neo Subwoofers. I had used these in my last vehicle and they were nothing short of amazing. I suppose we could try something new but if it’s not broken why fix it right? Shifting from low to high we should also talk about the tweeters this car will be testing. A new company called Wavecor has created a compact soft dome tweeter with the ability to yield a surprisingly low FS. These look VERY promising and Team Stereo Clarity looks forward to hearing these. Midbass duties will be taken care of by a pair of H-Audio Ebony 6.5” drivers; the very same drivers we sell in the car audio section. We believe these drivers have what it takes to yield amazing results in our application.

We will be documenting the build every step of the way so stay tuned!

Two New Car Audio Stealth Enclosures!

img_2624legacybox005-1We all love great bass but few of us can afford to give up our entire trunks to lavish subwoofer installs. Most of us compromise on either sonic reproduction or storage space. But faced with an A or B decision I’ve always been one to propose option C….and this case is no exception!

New Stealth Enclosures are available for both the 05-09 Subaru Legacy GT and the first generation Lexus IS300. These enclosures sacrifice nothing and are easy to install. Simply drop them into your spare tire area under the trunk floor carpet and connect the speaker wire. That’s all there is to it!

New Models

There is a new driver being released soon and we are excited to be one of the first to experience it. I’m limited to the amount of information I can disclose but I think it will be something that many of you will like. Cabinet plans have already been drawn up and a few of them are already close to being finished. The two new models that will be introduced include a tall Lotus BVR style enclosure and another tower style set around waist high. We are very excited about these new drivers and the new designs that have yet to come. I will update you all as soon as they become available!